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Catherine Khazarian is a yoga teacher and based in Bonn, Germany. Her teaching technique focuses on the inquiry of movement towards supportive alignment. Through intense study with her teacher Annie Carpenter and continuous training with various international teachers, she constantly refines her own practice and finds inspiration for her teaching. She is registered with the International Yoga Alliance.

Before stepping on the mat as a yoga teacher, Catherine worked in international academic exchange. Catherine has also been an English trainer in adult education for many years.


The story

"...it all started with a "Why not give yoga a try?!" 
Spending time in Los Angeles, a city filled with constant noise, shimmering light and pervading vibrancy, it was an appealing idea to shut away the outside world once in a while. The yoga studio by the beach looked like the right place to revive body and mind. And so I entered.

After spending 90 minutes focused on working every muscle and moving in sync with breath through various yoga poses, the class finally rounded up by stretching out on the ground and giving in to gravity. Exhausted and soaked in sweat, deep stillness settled in to body and mind.

It was this experience of physical strength and mental calm that turned my "Why not give yoga a try?!" into a "Why not practice yoga more often?!". The wide inner space that unfolded there on the mat, provided energy, strength and ease for the life pulsating outside.

Yoga is there to serve our lives. This is why I  keep returning to my mat."