Yoga - Every time we step on the mat we have the chance to learn something new, find room to evolve and appreciate what we have achieved. Integrate those discoveries into everyday life!

Catherine's flow yoga classes follow a well-rounded and intelligent sequence. Catherine guides her students with specific and alignment based instructions from pose to pose while integrating breath as a vehicle to carry movement through the body. Thereby she challenges her students to explore their individual physical structure rather than striving towards a set form. Creating a safe space, Catherine encourages her students to approach their practice with playfulness, steady effort and ease.


Catherine teaches in Bonn, Germany. 
The classes vary from physically demanding to restorative.


One-on-One : A one on one approach to defining your needs and building your own balance of strength and calm.

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Partners: Juba Wellness Tempel in Bonn - restore and relax with sauna and massage.

Yoga practice confronts us with the space within and around us. It reminds us to reach out and grow.

Yoga practice confronts us with the space within and around us.

It reminds us to reach out and grow.

Catherine definitely is a very dedicated and patient yoga teacher! I like her way of explaining what is acutally happening within my body and why breathing is so important. I have had a super re-start into yoga and always feel very well after finishing our yoga classes. Catherine has helped me a lot in becoming better in downward facing dog pose which is a real challenge for me. She always cares for a comfortable surrounding and has a very gentle and relaxing voice. Very nice indeed!
— Sophie
I enjoyed the lessons with Catherine very much. It was a very well-rounded experience and at the end of each lesson you felt relaxed and strengthened at the same time.
— Constanze