Stay curious and flexible

 Source: 'Other Minds' by Peter Godfrey-Smith, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2016.

What, you might wonder, makes the octopus a pretty smart animal? Reading Peter Godfrey-Smith's book 'Other Minds', I have found the following answer: 

"They are smart in the sense of being curious and flexible;..." 

...lets keep moving and asking questions.

A Space for Inspiration - The Groove Yoga Festival

The Groove Yoga Festival - A celebration of movement, music & community
February 10-12.2017, Cologne, Germany

What can yoga teach us about everyday life?

Interviews with the founders of the Groove Yoga Festival  Liz Huntly & Roland Jensch, and yoga teachers Sheri Celentano, Jang-Ho Kim, Frank Bartl, David Regelin and Mathieu Boldron. 
By Catherine Khazarian


Liz Huntly & Roland Jensch, Founders of the Groove Yoga Festival - A celebration of movement, music and community. Yoga teaches us to be open. Allowing for encounters between people, cultures and traditions, we nourish our roots and our potential to grow. 

Sheri Celentano, Co Creative Director of Laughing Lotus NYC - Yoga teaches us to position our body clearly and to move in a focused way. In becoming aware of our physical and mental space, we can build room to include others.

Jang-Ho Kim & Frank Bartl, Founders of NowYoga. Today, Wiesbaden - Yoga teaches us to listen to the breath. Following the rhythm of breath, to inhale and embrace - to exhale and let go, reminds us to create with love.

David Regelin, Yoga Teacher - Yoga teaches us to build a physical structure that supports us, to fully engage with all our senses, and to control our body, breath and behavior. The purpose of designing yoga posture with our bodies is to establish an outer and inner form that functions so that we can live in it.

Mathieu Boldron, Yoga Teacher - Yoga teaches us to recognize our inherent connection to nature and to understand nature’s ‘advanced form of technology’. When we reconnect to intuition, we can return to the simplicity of moving from the inside out.

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Forming Sound

An Interview with East Forest, by Catherine Khazarian

In between sound check and his live performance in Berlin, Portland-based musician Trevor Oswalt speaks about sound, silence, society - and his new East Forest album Held.

It is cold and already getting dark outside when I arrive at Glashaus, a former industrial hall in Berlin’s district Alt-Treptow. Inside I find the artist at his keyboard, completing the sound check for his East Forest concert tonight. Trevor Oswalt shows no sign of haste. He is calm and completely absorbed. Floating from moment to moment - a characteristic he maintains throughout the evening and one that he carries straight into his music.  Read more

Also read on UDAYA

Also read on UDAYA




El Camino

El Camino

The Camino de Santiago brings them all together - the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the adventurous and the pensive, the religious and the atheists. People from all over the world follow the Camino through the North of Spain and set out for its destination - Santiago de Compostela.

This summer, I was part of the German film production "OGOT - Old Guys on Tour" to accompany our four pilgrims: Jörg Draeger, Frederic Meisner, Björn-Hergen Schimpf and Harry Wijnvoord. Together with these old German showmasters, and the entertainer Karl Dall, we moved from Somport in the Pyrenean to Santiago de Compostela.

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Sun, dance!

Last hot summer days and the feeling that fall is in reach.  First golden leaves shining in the sun.

The warmth, the colors and the rhythm of moving from summer to fall - bring that taste on your plate and let the sun dance!

Create your Sundance:

- Sauté thinly sliced sweet potato and beetroot
- Cook yellow lentils; add chopped tomato and cilantro, some salt, cinnamon and chili at the end
- Put lentils in a plate, top with sweet potatoes and beetroot
- Thinly slice fresh fig, mango and parmesan as topping and add roasted sesame seeds
- Cover with lime zest, some fresh lime juice, date syrup and sesame oil

By Catherine Khazarian



A hundred ways.

The UDAYA Live Festival brought together over 300 people for a four-day yoga festival in Borovets, Bulgaria, from August 18 to August 22. Up in the mountains at an altitude of 1350 meters and about 75 kilometres distant from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia people from all over the world joined for yoga, mediation, music and dancing. On four stages you could follow the classes of more than 20 teachers and learn from their individual approaches to yoga. Read more.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Rumi